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Gundam Baes
Just thought I'd share my top 5 Gundam Baes - so far I have seen about 1/3 of the episodes of Gundam 0079, am up to date on Iron Blooded Orphans, and I've seen Unicorn and 00, so this list is subject to change possibly! (Or to just growing bahahaha)
Feel free to reply with your own top 5 list if you have one! No spoilers though please, just character names and series!
1. Hush Middy (Iron Blooded Orphans)
2. Riddhe Marcenas (Unicorn)
3. Setsuna F. Seiei (00 season 2)
4. Ein Dalton (Iron Blooded Orphans)
5. Eugene Seven Stark (Iron Blooded Orphans)
Special Mentions: Norba Shino (Iron Blooded Orphans), Lasse Aeon (00)
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 1 8
Shirtless Link version by sakimichan Shirtless Link version :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,410 0 Commission - Fenris X Orochi by MondoArt Commission - Fenris X Orochi :iconmondoart:MondoArt 311 17 naughty tadashi by Suyohara naughty tadashi :iconsuyohara:Suyohara 385 51
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt17
Shiro: What about these?
Shiro held up a pair of leather boots decorated with blue flames and blew off the thick layer of dust that had been coating them. As it filled the air around him, he coughed, covering his mouth with the crook of his elbow.
He and Taisen had been searching the vault for the last twenty minutes, hoping to find a few items in the clothing stores that they could give to the new ally that they had quickly grown very fond of. In the short space of time since they had met, they had gone from almost killing each other (that was how Shiro would tell the story, even if it was a little more one-sided in truth) to standing side by side to face the most dangerous demon that any of them had ever encountered. Without Fenris’s aid, many Spirit Knights would have lost their lives. Both Shiro and Taisen, as well as the rest of their unit, had been glad to hear that Fenris intended to stick around for a few days.
Taisen: Yeah, they’re definitely appropriate.
He grinne
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Intimate Time Together by MondoArt
Mature content
Intimate Time Together :iconmondoart:MondoArt 175 27
Got Your Present Right Here! by MondoArt
Mature content
Got Your Present Right Here! :iconmondoart:MondoArt 272 24
Mature content
No Fair Ch.5 +boys love+ :iconangelcurse0538:angelcurse0538 43 37
No fair Ch. 1 +boys love+
Chapter one
I sat in the hard, wooden school desk, just like every other school day. My fingers shook against the desk, and my leg shook against the leg of my chair. Most of the kids looked at me weird, like I was sitting on a seal juggling flaming bowling balls. It was a new school, no one knew me, and no one wanted to know me.
Who wants to hang out with a twitchy sixteen-year-old? I sure as heck wouldn’t want to. Not even medicine or medical treatment could cure me of my twitch, but my older brother, who was the only one who wanted to deal with me after the death of my parents, didn’t mind.
My clothes weren’t in ‘style’: I wore baggy, sometimes ripped, jeans; shirts that I had drawn on or were so baggy that I looked five sizes bigger than I actually was, and my old black hoodie; and old Chuck Taylors that I could soon wear as sandals. I always wondered to myself if I really looked so weird that I had been, basically, quarantined from everyone else. It was bec
:iconangelcurse0538:angelcurse0538 70 156
Commission - YUM! by MondoArt
Mature content
Commission - YUM! :iconmondoart:MondoArt 320 51
You've been working out! by MondoArt You've been working out! :iconmondoart:MondoArt 227 84
Good Night
The light outside had almost completely faded. A cautious knock at the door drew Taisen’s attention, but only after the second time.
“I’ve got it.” Shiro brushed his arm and paced over to answer it. Taisen carefully made his way to sit on the edge of Shiro’s bed; his eyes had adjusted to the blackness, but his training had always taught him that your feet could easily betray you in the dark. Silently, he took up his position as the latch unfastened and Shiro leaned around to address the visitor.
“I brought you this. Thought you might be hungry.” It was Fumiko’s voice. An agreement to give Shiro some space had been hastily drawn up after the mission, but with a view to taking care to make sure he knew that his friends were still around him. Taisen hoped his actions so far that evening had undone some of the damage he had caused by effectively opting out of it.
“Thanks.” Shiro smiled at her, and Taisen found himself smiling alon
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 8 8
A Push In the Right Direction
Shiro sat on the cold stone window ledge, staring down from his room and out at the drill yard many floors below. He’d barely left the room since the Disciples of Uriel had returned from their failed mission to redeem his sister Hikaru, and he couldn’t stop replaying the moment of her death in his mind. Almost every member of the unit had been to his room to bring him food, which he’d taken and eaten, but it had felt more like going through the motions than receiving proper sustenance. Everything felt numb.
For the first ten years after the apocalypse, he had counted himself lucky. He and Hikaru had escaped from Baal to take refuge at the Garden of the Gallows. It had been another eight years before they had become Spirit Knights, and two more before everything began to unravel. First, his best friend, Shinsuke, had been infected with the Demon Strain. Seemingly overcome, he had tried to kill Shiro, resulting in his expulsion from the squad. Then Hikaru had been turne
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 7 3
Commission - Fenris behind glass by MondoArt Commission - Fenris behind glass :iconmondoart:MondoArt 199 18 Commission - Cuddles!! by MondoArt Commission - Cuddles!! :iconmondoart:MondoArt 265 16 Commission - First Kiss by MondoArt Commission - First Kiss :iconmondoart:MondoArt 362 38



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